Please read and agree to the following terms:

Thanks for your interest in Cigar City Brewing for your event. We appreciate you thinking of us! 

Our donation budget is dedicated to non-profit organizations and we require a 35-day lead time on all requests. We are unable to make cash or sponsorship donations. We have a fixed budget set for our donations so the quicker you get your submission in, the better. 

Please note that our beer donations are by the case (24 x 12 oz cans) and in an effort to be able to accommodate as many requests as possible we generally have a five case limit for donations. 

Please complete our submission form in order for us to consider your event. Please note that if we are able to accommodate your request, we will require 501(c)3 documentation, and a W9 before moving forward. If we are able to donate it will be in the form of Beer/Product or Auction Items.

We are unable to make financial donations or cash sponsorship donations. 


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